August 6, 2015
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    Operations Manager
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Kaycee grew up in TriCities, WA before moving to Olympia in 2012 to settle down with her now husband. She has two beautiful children and loves spending time with her family. They are the center of her universe and her priority in all things. Together they love going on adventures and cuddling as much as possible. With a Halloween anniversary, it goes without saying they adore fall and all spooky things.

She had a car accident when she first moved to town that led her to seek chiropractic care, which is where she first met the Moores! Their passion and new approach to chiropractic made her so excited about the practice that she offered to work for them. She loves working for people and standards that she can stand behind and be proud of.

Kaycee is the acting Operations Manager and is here to ensure that everything runs as smooth and painlessly as possible. If you have questions or concerns, she will either have the answer for you or find someone that does. Her skills as a former server have equipped her with a crystal clear memory, the ability to handle a million things at one time and the professionalism to do all of it without letting you see her sweat. She has a huge heart and cares about each patient that walks through our door.